Papers Published in Celebration of GCH’s Life

A note from Joan

Many thanks to all who have sent condolences to me and to the family sharing memories of Geoff. The love and support of so many is a great comfort to us. Geoff was a loving and generous husband. As I have always said, he made me laugh and helped me make up my mind. Both are true but perhaps the best decision he helped me make was to marry him!

His death leaves a big gap. We had been married for over 66 years so I have many happy memories and feel blessed.

Geoff cared for people even when they held very different views from him. I remember during the Vietnam war days he could have a heated argument with someone before dinner, then afterwards , when peace was restored, invite him to lunch the next day. When he was on the Council of the Senate of Cambridge University, I was told that he would often diffuse tension by a phrase or joke.

We have had many letters from colleagues and friends writing that he helped them at critical times in their lives and often expressing affection for him. I think Geoff’s interest and affection brought out the best in people including me!

I look forward attending with family, the memorial service for Geoff to be held at Jesus College Chapel on 11 June at 2 pm. I look forward also to the launch of the Fiftieth Anniversary edition of Geoff’s ‘Some Cambridge Controversies in the Theory of Capital’.

Love Joan

G.C. Harcourt: An economist with accounting sense, ELRR

Geoff Harcourt Political Economist 1931-2021 for ELRR

Prof Geoffrey Colin Harcourt (OW1949), Old Wesley Collegians Association

Geoffrey Colin Harcourt (1931 -2021): A Cambridge Economist From Down Under

Geoff Harcourt: A Cambridge economist and an Australian patriot

Geoff Harcourt was one of Australia’s greatest economists and a link back to Keynes’s circle, ABC News

Eminent economist with an international reputation, The Sydney Morning Herald

Obituary: Geoffrey (“Geoff”) Colin Harcourt, International Journal of Economics and Business Law

Geoff Harcourt: rapporteur, raconteur, Political Economist extraordinaire

Eminent economist with an international reputation

Geoff Harcourt was one of Australia’s greatest economists and a link back to Keynes’s circle

Remembering Geoff Harcourt

Geoff Harcourt: an Eminent Australian Economist with an international reputation.

Remembering Geoffrey Harcourt (1931 – 2021)

Examining exorbitant pay for university elite

Remembering Geoff Harcourt, the beating heart of Australian economics

Dr Geoffrey Harcourt (1931 – 2021), Jesus College

Vale Geoff Harcourt, eminent economist and author

Vale Professor Geoff Harcourt

Vale Geoff Harcourt

Geoff Harcourt, 27 June 1931 – 7 December 2021, University of Cambridge

Geoffrey (‘Geoff’) Colin Harcourt in the India Forum

A piece by Peter Martin (2017) as it was one of Geoff’s favourite articles.

For those who would like to give donations in honour of Geoff’s memory, please give to to Medicin sans frontiers.