University of Cambridge – Film Interviews with Leading Thinkers – Geoff Harcourt (2007)

Part 1

Part 2

Interview with Geoff for his 80th
UNSW (2012)

Geoff Harcourt on Keynesian Theory

Interviewer: Dr. Constantinos Repapis
  • Origins of Keynesian economics & effective demand
  • The Cambridge capital theory controversy
  • The nature of Post-Keynesian economics
  • Major Post-Keynesian economists and their theories

Geoff on Life and Influences
University of Adelaide (2017)

“Making the World a Better Place through Economics” University of Adelaide (2017)

Story about the event:
The School of Economics Welcomes Home A Favorite Son
University of Adelaide (2017)

Other Interviews (web pages)

The Conversation (2014)

“G20 climate challenge calls for a rethink of economics”
 “Why treasurers should go back to economics school”

Alumni In Focus: Geoff Harcourt (2018)